Suave En Douceur


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Suave En Douceur  =  Charming In Sweetness.

P.S:  I did not illustrate the Illustrative background.  It is not my art work.  I got the art work off of a Photo Stock site.


 Haus of Boobah – Sparrow  Top &  Necklace (Tysm Kristen20.macarthur<3)

Tee*fy –  Estelle Fluffy Skirt – Creme

Clawtooth – Serendipity – Strawberry Cream

Pink Acid – Skittles – Red Gloss

Teeth – Fashionably Dead – Bardot

Shoes/Flats – TokiD.  –  Old Group Gift.  (I don’t think it exists anymore.)


♪  Bardot   ♪  ♥

Come Sail Along To Kokomo With Me….


😉  Lovin’ this look!! ❤

The clothing pieces altogether gives off a Modern Pin-Up “1950s” Girl look ❤

I took this shot of my avy (not the background, obviously) 2 weeks ago before my final exams.  I took a quick shot because  I had to go back to studying, but I  took advantage of the time I had, to snap shots of my avy wearing other styles  for the upcoming posts 😉  Anyways, I ended up forgetting to type down the details of the wardrobe :S  Oopsies.   However, I vaguely remember some of the details of what my avy is wearing ^^.


Skin –  (to be filled in later )

Hair – Truth

Lips – Pink Acid – Red Gloss


Top – Remy 

Shorts – Faux – Jean Shorts – Polka Dots (Thank You, Esme’ ♥) 

Heels – Hucci – (Past Group Gift)

Sailor Hat – Ronsem –  (Recent Group Gift)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Let’s go sail down to Kokomo  😉    ♥

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


FAUX – Sunkissed Babe


Hi folks!   🙂

I am wearing these adorable shorts from FAUX.  They are called “Aztec”   The print is very fun and damn cute. Adding these adorable shorts to your style will deff. add a  cute twist to your wardrobe ;D   There are also OTHER patterns of these adorable shorts -Red Plaid, Polka Dot, American Flag pride, and  Classic (Plain).   I will future them next week.  I have been absent from sl and blogging because in RL i am preparing for my final exams for this week.  

Hair –  Truth – Marley -Seasand

Skin –  essences – Jessi

Lips –  Cheap Makeup – Miss Priss – Lipstick 10 –  Dark Purple

Necklace – .mijn

Top –  *Ionic* –  Spring Chill – Blue   ( The Chapter Four Event – Gacha 50L)

Shorts –   FAUX –  Denim Pocket Shorts – Aztec    * NEW *  

Sneakers –  .:SaT:.  Designs – Unisex Sneakers

❤   Thank You for reading 🙂   Stay tuned! 😉

I Make It Rain…


…no…not really  ;P   haha

Lovin this LACE – Tank   Top  from Haus of Boobah (h.o.b)   ;D   PERFECT for the Summer Season! ❤

hair – kik

skin – Glance – Adriana Version 2

tank top – (h.o.b) – Lace Tank (white)

bra – Kyoot – Little Ache Lingerie – Nude

Pants – Ricielli – Leather Highwaisted Skinny Jeans

Shoes – Leverocci – Glossy Brogues – Black

Clutch – Priss – Lem Clutch – Yellow  (store doesn’t exist anymore)

Shades – Intrigue Co.  –  Stay Classy – Mariner



🙂  ♥

As in my previous post  I raved about how I loved Haus Of Boobah’s Retro Polka Dot Shorts & the Sleeveless Blouses, well, these too, are being sold right now @ Fi*Friday’s  ;D  So get em quick before the new round of Haus Of Boobah arrives by this coming Thursday @ Fi’Friday’s!

Skin – Glance – Adriana – Version 2 (Old Skin) ❤
Hair with Hat –  Lamb – Stargaze – Mango
Top – Haus Of Boobah – Ombre Sleeveless Blouse – Black (Get it now @ Fi*Fridays! )
Shorts – Haus Of Boobah – High waisted Retro Shorts (Get it now @ Fi*Fridays! )
Socks – Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Unicorn
Shoes –  Schadenfreude – Teal/Ivory – Classix Nouveaux Shoe
Lip color – *Fishy Strawberry* – Allure Makeup – Faded Lipstick Shocking Pink
Teeth – Fashionably Dead – Bardot Teeth



I am TOTALLY loving this floral retro sleeveless  blouse by Haus Of Boobah (H.O.B)!  It’s a versatile piece ❤ ;D  The floral patterns is fun to play with – mix or match = worth your 55L!  ;D  ♥

This ADORABLE Polka Dot retro shorts by Haus of Boobah is a MUST to have! – it’s  a keeper! ❤   ;D

Skin – Glance – Adriana – Version 2 (Old Skin) ❤
Hair – LeLutka – ISHA (comes with hat) – Arctic  –  (Past Group Gift)
Top – Haus Of Boobah – Floral Sleeveless Blouse (Get it now @ Fi*Fridays!)
Shorts – Haus Of Boobah – High waisted Retro Shorts (Get it now @ Fi*Fridays! )
Necklace – COCOCurrent Group Gift!
Bag – Welldone.atelier – Cat Bag – Pink  –  (Past Fashion Week event)
Boots – Razor – Johnny Rotten Boots  –  (Unisex) (Past Fi*friday’s item)
Lip color – *Fishy Strawberry* – Allure Makeup – Faded Lipstick Shocking Pink
Teeth – Fashionably Dead – Bardot Teeth



Raw.  Honesty.  In the Flesh.

I have not been blogging, flickring or being social much, because unexpectedly since last week I, became depressed.

Yes, I suffer from depression.  I’ve had been struggling with depression since my pre-teens.  =/

When I am in the Greyscale box (depression), I don’t contact anyone, go on flickr, or check out my sl profile feeds – I keep to myself until someone or a friend<3  messages me – I will respond.  At that moment I am happy to be talking to them but I admit, I do struggle elongating a conversation when I am in low-spirits. *sigh*  Thankfully, since  yesterday I felt a bit happier and started commenting around on my feeds.   I also have been busy with studying, studying, and moooorree of it.  At least my grades keeps me afloat – it keeps me in check and really makes me feel good inside.  🙂  It’s a nice high – for the time being at least.

I’d like to personally apologize to Kristen20.macauther, for not blogging your clothing for the month you released the Maxi skirts till your recent released clothings.  You counted on me to promote your clothings that you worked hard on, and I let you down during those weeks  x(  *sigh*  I feel really awful about all that  😦

Now that my creative juice is flowing again due to my depression waning away, you can bet your lindens 😛  I will be blogging in a much more consistent manner again 😉  ♥


Maxi Skirt – Haus of  Boobah

Top  –   The Secret Store  (FLF item)


Bag   –  Fleshtone

Sandals  – Kissed By Fame  – Black

Cuff/Bracelet  –  ISON  – (FLF item)


Hair with Beanie – Chemistry

Skin  –  The Skinnery – Kate  (The Arcade Spring 2013)