Juicy June!

SUMMER FUN has FINALLY arrived in SL!!   😀

Check out the currant sales and  Festivals going on below! 😀

Jane –  SALE  on older Mesh items! It’s a 50% off sale which includes marked down items on “single & greedy packs”   😀

MONS –   Summer Sale!!  From 50% to 70% on womens clothes, accessories & footwear. Sale ends June 30th!

Analog Dog (Hair) –   SALE!!  Analog Dog Hair is on the LEFT as you tp in & the Point  B  hair  Section is on the RIGHT side.  ALL   Analog Dog  Hairs  are on sale for only  150L!   ALSO, the  back  section (the old discounted items) are ONLY 25L!   😀  *** I am not sure when the sale will end, however the owner said it *may only be a weekend sale OR may be longer…”****

Sooo quickly take advantage of this bargain sale!  😀  If you are a lover of   FLEXI  hair styles, this is YOUR stop!  😀

Pink Outfitters –  SALE!!  Look towards the back wall, above the clothing, it should say in Black letters:  “CLEARANCE SALE”  and on the floor in Pink letters it should say “CLEARANCE”.   🙂   Most of these old items will be gone forever, so get them while they are at a bargain price!  (Mainly 50L sale items!)

Leverocci –  Is throwing a SALE celebration due to Leverocci’s  First Anniversary 😀 That being said ALL items – Clothes, Heels and yes- HAIR  &  Fatpacks  are on SALE  😀  All items are up to 75% OFF and some items are 80% off…ommmgggaawwwddd this is a hit!  FUN! FUN! FUN!   (I am unaware of when this sale ends)

Croire –  From June 22nd – June 26th there is a “My Favorite Things”  SALE  in which the items are: Home goods, Jewelry, Clothing and poses are 50% off   😀  Look for a red SALE sign  😉



Zombie Popcorn Carnival Event – this sim is beautifully created to bring out a vintage/old carnival/festival feel…i love it!  Aside from the appearance of the Carnival, check out the EXCLUSIVE items EACH store has put out in front of their stores.  😀

June Festival –  This Fashion Festival has over 30 stores and their booths!  Each booth has a selection of clothing to be loved and bought ❤  &&  each booth has a CUPCAKE giftie ❤  Click on them or lol collect them all 😛    YAY for Festivals!   😀

Fairy Tales in 2012 –   How inviting…like a red juicy apple… xP   lol as hinted, this event has a theme of anything fairy tale related, that being said, all items (skins, clothings, house decor, poses, etc) are specially designed for this theme 😀   This special event ends on July 8th!

♥ Tijoux!

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