Oh Spring! How You Make Me Feel So Funky!


Hello Readers/Visitors/Fans! 😀

Spring is in the air…along with those damn Allergies. 😐  Yup…I’ve got the Cold and the Allergies.   A Twofer -.-  Oy Vey!    I recently discovered I am allergic to Pottery CLAY (I am taking up Introduction to Ceramics in my University)    x(     I feel so off beat.  Funky.  Dazed.  Feels like everything is going in slow-motion  :S    That being said, I dressed my virtual self as how I felt.  Ill.  Mixed-Matchy  😉

Haus Of Boobah released this adorable Flower Sweater ❤  (@ Fi*Friday’s).  I was loving the funky-psychedelia feel of the flower on (h.o.b) sweater sooo I had to have fun with it by adding some edge to it ;D   Paired it up with this new fantastic-cool Thick Golden Chain Necklace by Mijn.Boutique.

(h.o.b)  – Flower Sweater

Hair –  (fd) – Rainy Day – Russia

Sandals – Milk Motion – My Wooden Sandals with color changeable socks

Cheap Make Up – Parisian Eyebrows

Shorts – Leverocci – SS12 Leather Shorts – Charcoal

Freckles – Madeleine

Necklace – Mijn.boutique – Huge Chain Necklace (TDR Fusion)

Clutch – RaMa RoWanberry – Leather Clutch Spike

Skin – Mynerva – Sophie – Think Pink


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