Suave En Douceur


*Click On Photo for Original Large Size* 

Suave En Douceur  =  Charming In Sweetness.

P.S:  I did not illustrate the Illustrative background.  It is not my art work.  I got the art work off of a Photo Stock site.


 Haus of Boobah – Sparrow  Top &  Necklace (Tysm Kristen20.macarthur<3)

Tee*fy –  Estelle Fluffy Skirt – Creme

Clawtooth – Serendipity – Strawberry Cream

Pink Acid – Skittles – Red Gloss

Teeth – Fashionably Dead – Bardot

Shoes/Flats – TokiD.  –  Old Group Gift.  (I don’t think it exists anymore.)


♪  Bardot   ♪  ♥

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